A New Thrilling American West Adventure Story About The History And Taming Of The Great American West Through The  Life And Times Of Montana Marshal Luke Johnson...  

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American western history, thrilling fiction, and romance are brought to life through Montana Marshall Luke Johnson's adventures. After the civil war, he ended his duties and began his legendary career bringing law and order through the great American west. The life and times of famous outlaws, western heroes, settlers, and Indians of the Great Plains perfectly meld together in this new and exciting story. The American Wes Story is destined to go down as one of the best adventure books of all time!

Romance * Action * Thrilling Adventure...

A captivating and exciting American west adventure series told in an ongoing story of American history brought to life. (In the style of Dances with wolves, Hostiles, Josey Wales). In this thrilling American west adventure, you will follow Union soldier Luke Johnson through the civil war and onto his life's journey in becoming a famous Federal Marshal in Montana territory. Much to his family’s dismay main character Luke Johnson joins the civil war.


In his own words

{Montana Marshall Luke Johnson)

“I began my new direction in life proudly wearing a brand-new spic and span uniform which made me feel important. However, by the end of the war, my uniform was as tattered, stained, and torn as the man who wore it.”

1865 War ends: That day did finally become a reality when a soldier came galloping through our camp firing his pistol in the air. “One would think that the news would make me jump up and down. That was not how it was for me; it was not the people that were my enemies. “But rather the deeply held ideals that divided us.”



American western history, thrilling adventure, fiction, and romance are brought to life through the life and times of Montana Marshall Luke Johnson!

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a.j. Lombardi

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